Shlomit Guterman- kaspi Law Firm provides employers with legal services in the diverse field of labor law, ensuring the provision of professional services at the highest quality.


The field of labor law in general, and specifically, collective labor law, is a complex field, which

is evolving constantly. Therefore, this unique field requires extensive knowledge, experience and long-term strategic thinking regarding the various relevant aspects.

We believe in providing continuous support and preventive legal advice to our clients, adapting unique legal solutions to each distinct situation and for every client, in order to maintain ordinary business functions on an ongoing basis, and avoid unnecessary risks.

Our firm offers over twenty years of experience in all areas of labor law, including representation in legal proceedings before various judicial instances, mergers and acquisitions, class actions, sexual harassment etc.

Our firm has extensive experience in the field of collective labor relations. We apply this experience and knowledge to support employers during the formation of an organized work environment, collective bargaining, drafting of collective employment agreements, legal support during strikes and lockouts, and handling the appropriate legal proceedings in such actions. Among our clients are some of Israel’s leading and largest companies and organizations, both public and private, in fields such as high-tech, telecommunications, health, commerce, industry and others.

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